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A Warm time---Rarone Team Arrived at Primary School in Guangxi

  Rarone Watch Yes Collection of new product launch has just ended. Under the witness of Dong Jie and many fans in Nanning, Rarone donated 100 thousand relief materials of love and money to the primary school of Tongshe village, the Dahua Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi. In the morning of May 2nd, Rarone team had a very pleasant and meaningful day with the children in Tongshe village primary school and brought love material to them also.

  General Manager Mr. Zhan Jiangzhou with Rarone team started from Nangning, with a beautiful natural scenery. After more than 3 hours of long trekking, our team finally arrived at the Tongshe village primary school along the zigzagged mountain path, and children were waiting for us at the school gate.An enormous stronger sense of mission come to our each heart when bring a bright red scarf by children.

   Our team with the learder of primary school in Tongcun villiage visited the children's classrooms and dormitories. The head said that many children have to walk for at least one or two hours a day for class. Children are very active in learning and sensible althouh conditions are not good. Seeing children's accommodation environment,we feel like nothing on earth. Happiness we see from children’s eyes when took out new books to them. General Manager Mr Jan gave each child a new bag, A pure smile on us from children.

   Rarone group with a full sense of social responsibility arrived at the primary school.Mr Jen says this is not the first time Rarone participated in caring public welfare activities. Every love action is just to attract more people to pay attention to public welfare. As long as everyone dedicates, the world will be a warmer and more beautiful heaven. In addition, compared with the teachers here, Our Edu-Aid is far from enough.We should learn more from these educators without a name . Rarone watch has been given away for each teacher in Tongshe village. Accompanied them grow up with teachers and love timepieces.

   Childre recited three poems of Tang poetry for us in class. We believe that children can not only change their destiny through knowledge, but also change their future of their hometown with knowledge by serious attitude.During the break time, we asked our company carton figure-Leixiao nuo and other children to play games. They are happy to play games with Leixiao nuo,and reluctant to leave finally after ending.

  Our team has to say goodbye to the children before sun sank, leave is transient, but love will keep completing the mission of accompanying, Rarone watch team will help and influence more people into public service next time, We believe that the world will be a warmer and more beautiful heaven.