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Waches Maintain

1. Do not open the back cover at random to avoid dust, fibers, water vapor, etc.

So that to make sure the quality and lifetime.


2. Keeping wearing 8-10 hours per day for mechanical watches, otherwise please winding it up so that to keep its accurate working.


3. Pull out the crown to adjust time and after push it back to normal position.


4. Keeping watch clean. If no wearing, please storage it at dry places.

Winding it up regularly to prevent lubricating oil from freezing.


5. In case of strenuous exercise or vibration, it is advisable to remove the watch so as not to damage the movt.


6. Waterproof watches can prevent the intrusion of water vapor in the air under normal circumstances. It is not absolutely impossible to enter the water. Do not wear a watch to swim and shower. Even wash your hands or clothes should pay attention to it.


7. Although the watch is anti-magnetic, but we still need to avoid contact with a strong magnetic field, in order to prevent the parts magnetized, causing the movement damage.


8. Do not allow the watch to come into contact with corrosive liquids such as acids, alkalis, and salts. Long-term sweat erosion can cause rust in the case.


9. Every watch has a certain tolerance, as long as the tolerance within the standard, please don’t adjust the regulator.


10. If you do not understand the repair technology, please do not arbitrarily dial the parts or refueling, so as to avoid accidental damage



Do not set the date and the week at night (if your watch has these functions).

The parts that control the date and week have active gaps at night. If you change the settings at this time, it is bound to disrupt the original rules.

When you are engaged in continuous swinging sports activities (such as tennis, baseball, golf, etc.), it is also recommended that you do not wear an automatic watch because continuous arm swing can damage the movement of the watch.