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A Warm Time-- Love be with You!

In the morning of May 26th, Children's Day is approaching, general manager Mr. Zhan Jiangzhou with team arrived at Duoji primary school of Bomi city in Tibet, to celebrate the Children festival before the holiday by giving them prayer and warm.
The host offered Rarone team with a white hada and children greeted by the local folk song and da-nce to show their hospitality.


Dou Ji village is located at southern shore of Quzong zangbu,which with a long history culture .

6 items of intangible cultural heritage have been included in the list of autonomous regions' intangible cultural heritage. In December 2014, Duoji village was named by the regional people’s Government of "the hometown of folk culture and art in Tibet autonomous region".

 Filled with a festival atmosphere in Duoji elementary school, children celebrate their own festivals with wonderful performances. And even more offered the "song" of the local folk song and dance with grateful and blessing. Raraone group not only celebrate children’s day early, but also bring a salute and sympathy for cadres and local teachers there. Thanks for their selfless dedication, guarding children in silence by giving them love and warm.

General Manager, Mr. Zhan Jiangzhou said that the work of Rarone today is much less important than the cadres who work and teachers who teach here. We are moved and respectable for the people who stick to the selfless devotion in the frontier. Today, our efforts is just a drop in the bucket with insignificant, we hope that through these activities can advocate more people to love and undertake the social responsibilities and always regard them as a enormous powerful development of enterprises. We are grateful and give back to the society. We understand that only enterprises grow continuously can make greater contributions to the society.

Rarone Watch—to warm you by our accompany. We are always on the road for enthusiastic in public welfare. On 2nd of May, Rarone has spent happy and meaningful day with children of primary school in Tongshe village, the Dahua Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi.

At the end of Children's Day performances, Rarone team together with local cadres and teachers to visit the poor families. Children are their hope for those families. Many parents prefer to bear more hardship by hard-working to allow children to go to school for better life in the future. So Rarone knows how important of the study for poor families, therefore offer them help and hope their future days can be better and better, safe and happy! Rarone watch—with warm time by keeping love lasting till next generations.

From the coastal to the plateau, from 120 meters above sea level to 2700 meters, from the greens everywhere in the four seasons to the south of the snow area, Love is no distance even if far away.The Rarone hopes to offer some humble efforts by giving warm and love to children.

To help them is not just a little bit of demand in their studies, but also keeping love and hope in the course of their growth.